Want a Print?

Whether you want to get a print for your home or need photography services, contact me for more information!

Want a Print?

Whether you want to get a print for your home or need photography services, contact me for more information!

Photography is like music to the eyes

Imagine the world before 1839…


Photography captures moments, isolates time and creates art through visuals in a most realistic manner. It has a way of reminding us where we’ve been and who we used to be as well as foretell who we may become in the future.

I always loved photographs as a kid but really got started when I bought my first ‘real’ camera in 1985 – a Pentax K1000. My all-manual camera was, of course, analog because it was long before digital cameras were even a thought.

Not having my own darkroom (or the know-how to use one) I snapped many images on the regular color film. And I had a lot of fun, photographing friends, daring enough to model for me.

Since that time, I coupled my love of photography with my work in the music industry to capture pictures of many musicians, rock shows and other odd subjects I found interesting while on tour.

After returning to school in the mid-2000s, I majored in Fine Art – concentrating in Photography. In my studies, I learned more about how to manipulate images in the darkroom and other processes – like cyanotypes. My love affair with photography grew even more steadfast. I also gained an appreciation for the analog darkroom techniques, which with the advent of digital, has become an almost lost art.

Even though I have a digital set up which I use for professional portraits and real estate photography, I always gravitate more to medium format Silver Gelatin – using homemade pinholes and plastic cameras of all varieties for my Fine Art. Recently, I’ve been utilizing my iPhone camera because I usually carry it with me everywhere I go. Using many of the cool apps to take oddball images of things that strike my curiosity.


Imagine the world without photography. It would be a weird place, wouldn’t it…


Spring 2015

Studying for your graduate exams is most taxing, so to relax, I began taking images with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. It was a cool way to chill but I also got some surprising images. Some were almost painterly in their appearance - much like a Georgia...

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Other Places

In my Travels throughout life, I have had the opportunity to capture many wonderful places, people and atmospheres. Here are just a few of those moments.

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A Sub-Conscious Conversation

A Sub-Conscious Conversation Silver Gelatin ©2009-2010   I only have a sense of what the images are about after I have printed them. The selection of the objects pictured in these images come from a place I can only describe as my sub-conscious; I don’t begin with a...

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NYC Love Affair

After living in New York for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles, I fell in love with the City's symmetry and natural cadence not found in other cities. There were times when the whole world was silent, even with millions of people roaming around. It was an...

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Life in the Macro can produce some interesting images. The world under a magnified can produce a whole new universe. Whether it's rust, sand or gravel, the micro world we pass by everyday without notice, can all the sudden become a more inspiring place to find new...

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