A Sub-Conscious Conversation

I only have a sense of what the images are about after I have printed them. The selection of the objects pictured in these images come from a place I can only describe as my sub-conscious; I don’t begin with a preconceived idea of how the objects in the images will relate or any particular message the image should communicate, Composed of seemingly random compilations of objects and trinkets from around the house, a clock, cigarette butts, a novelty angel, found at most Hallmark stores, etc. for me, the meanings of the objects change unpredictably when put in combination. It’s no longer just a ceramic angel when pictured with plaster Voodoo death mask. It becomes an evocation of spirit or good eroded by evil. What makes the images in this series most intriguing is how two objects in most cases, seemingly unrelated – come together within a frame to evoke an unpredictable feeling, an emotional response.

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Love Affair with New York

After living in New York for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles, I fell in love with the City’s symmetry and natural cadence not found in other cities. There were times when the whole world was silent, even with millions of people roaming around. It was an amazing place to live — one that requires patience and an understanding of mankind.

This video contains a series of images from one of my post-residence trips in the mid-2000s.