Starting with my first real film camera in 1985, I began shooting images with my Nikon K1000 – all manual for fun but it soon became more than just a hobby as I started to do publicity pictures for local bands in Richmond, Virginia. Not having a darkroom, my images were done in color but as I grew as an artist, I started branching out into all kinds of ways to document the world on film.

Beginning with unusual pinhole cameras – mostly handmade, I ventured into the world of Holgas, plastic lens and medium format silver gelatin film. A new passion for abstract multiple exposures began, which compiled a collection called, The Subconscious Conversation; containing images related to sin, death and greed.

Now, I mostly shoot with either my Holgas or iPhone using the Hipsmatic — and sometimes I’ll pull out the Nikon and put my Lensbaby gear to world!

My motto is the blurrier the better because, after all, we never see dreams in crystal sharp pixation.